Camping in the Serengeti

Tanzania what a beautiful country!  One of my favourites.  The Serengeti during migration is a sight everyone must see.  Thousands of animals in their natural habitat roaming about the plain,  lions, giraffes, elephants, leopards, wildebeest, gazelles, hippos, ostrichs  and plenty more types of animals.

me tanzania

Me with some Wildebeest in the Ngorongoro Crater

We drove into the Serengeti in the late afternoon with a beautiful red sun settng across the plain.  It was near pitch black when we arrived at our camp site, there wasn’t much there just a few tents and a little hut with a long drop dunny in it, it had a lock on the inside and out, why is there a lock on the outside you ask, well we had to lock it when we were done so no lions or other just as scary animal wanted to take refugee in there for the night, tell you what, that would scare the shit out of you opening the dunny door and seeing a lion staring back at ya!  We had tents set up in an unprotected site, what would stop an elephant or something runnng through our camp?  Absolutely nothing!  Extreme camping.

jen, fiona, karen

Jen, Fiona and Karen checking out the locals

Our group was sitting around a fire drinking beer.  “Don’t look, don’t look,” they kept whispering, “look at what?” I asked.  “Over there it’s Jude Law!” Well of course I was going to look, there was only our group and one other group at the camp site and blow me sideways, there he was Jude Law, sitting at the camp fire with his kids telling stories, this was in 2006 back in the day when he had his good


Our guide on the lookout

looks and was the talk of Hollywood.  And to this day I still kick myself for not having the nerve to ask to have my picture taken with him.

By the time we got up in the morning Jude and his entourage had already left, we had brekkie packed up and headed off in 4wd’s for a day of animal spotting.  Wow it didn’t take long for the spotting to begin, thousands of animals.  We weren’t allowed to leave the 4wd at any time but fortunately we could poke our heads out the top and take hundreds of photos.  It sure beats a day at the zoo seeing the animals walking around in their family groups.

maasi people

Maasi People in the Serengeti

By the late afternoon we were all animal spotted out and headed for the Ngorongoro Crater.  We spent another night camping at the top of the Crater, this time at a big camp site with quite a few more people and showers (but no Jude Law), although we had to stand in other peoples dirty water as the showers didn’t really drain.  In the morning we drove down into the Crater, the Serengeti plain is dry and dusty while the Crater is much greener with more water and bird life.  On the way out of the Crater we met some Maasi people they live in a village in the Serengeti.

Visited the Serengeti: 21-23 December 2005


Lion family in the Serengeti


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