I got mugged!

The last stop on my trip to South Africa was a stop at Cape Town, I met some girls at the hostel and we decided to hire a car and drive to the Cape of Good Hope, the most South Western Point on the African Continent.  It was a lovely sunny day and a beautiful drive out there along the coastal road.  We parked the car at the cape and decided to head out on one of the walks around the point.  There were quite a few signs around saying not to feed the baboons and leave all your food in the car if going on the walks.  I had a apple in my backpack and thought to myself what harm can that do as we headed off on our walk.

We were half way along the walk around the cape and the wind was quite strong blowing over towards the edge of the cliffs.  I remember looking up on the horizon to a bunch of rocks we were heading for and seeing a big baboon sitting there watching us, it was still quite a long way off in the distance and I didn’t think much of it as we continued walking along on the path.  After a minute or two something stirred in him and he stood up and stared at us, we all stopped and looked at each other, what do we do, do we continue or head back?  We didn’t have to make a decision, he started charging for us “run” we all cried.

I ran as fast as I could but I started feeling my backpack being tugged, I looked around, there he was this six foot baboon pulling at my backpack, faaarrrkkk, I was shitting myself, thoughts of death by baboon were running through my mind, I was still running and he was right there tugging away, he gave a swift yank and I nearly toppled over backwards into the arms of the baboon, oh no this isn’t good, I managed to free myself of my backpack and kept running.  When I thought he wasn’t heaving behind me I stopped running and looked around, there was the baboon sitting on the rocks going through my bag and throwing everything into the wind which blew over the cliff, he ate my apple.  I had a bottle of presciption painkillers in there, he cracked the lid and downed them all in one go like they were sweets and headed off back to where he came from.  I picked up my empty backpack and headed back to the car still shaking from the events that just happened.

I don’t know what came of Mr Baboon, did he survive his overdose, I didn’t stay to find out.  But fortunately I had my camera in my hand for the whole ordeal and managed to click one shot of the event.

Travelled to Cape of Good Hope: 20 January 2006baboon


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