The Big Apple

I’ve started to lose count how many times I’ve made the Transatlantic flight from Europe to New York but I love it every time.   It’s one place I actually still get excited about visiting. I’ve stayed in hostels with cockroaches crawling the walls and mice eating my food to basic hotels in the back streets and once even a 5 star hotel.  But it doesn’t matter where you stay it’s the city you want to see!

And there is so much to see…I’ve visited the US Open, seen countless Broadway shows, seen the NY Yankees in action out in the Bronx, stood at the St Paddy’s day parade on a snowy day, taken the free ferry to Staten Island to catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, sailed around Manhattan, been to the top of the Empire State building, celebrity spotting (I even opened a door for Richard Branson), got lost in Central Park, bought a watch on 5th Avenue, spent many an hour staring at the pictures in the MOMA, stood in awe at the bright lights of Times Square, wandered around looking at the Christmas window displays, took a respectful tour around Ground Zero, bought a fake Prada in Battery Park, ate dim sum in Chinatown, shopped in Macys, figured out the subway, caught a yellow taxi ah the list goes on…

It doesn’t matter how many times you visit NYC there is always something new to explore. The lights are always shining and the city always buzzing and most importantly the locals are very friendly.

As the t-shirt says I  NY


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