Walk with the Lions

Crossing over the Zambezi River we arrived into Zimbabwe and the town of Victoria Falls a beautiful town on the edge of the Falls.  This is an adventure town offering many activities from bungee jumping, booze cruises, flights over the falls and one in particular which caught my attention Walking with the Lions.


A small area of the impressive Victoria Falls

Fresh after a morning walking along the Falls and being drenched in the mist two of us were picked up in town and taken to the Lion Encounter a large area on the outskirts of town.

We were introduced to our guides and told about the great work that is done here of rehabilitating lions to be able to release them back into the wild.  As the reserve we were on is on a game park and all the animals of Africa roam about in the reserve two guides walked in front of us holding big guns in case we were to come into any trouble.

We were taken over to meet 3 cute cubs who were about 3 months old and walked with them through parts of the reserve stopping to pat and cuddle them.  The cubs only interact with humans whilst they are young as the next part of their rehabilitation is being placed in a pride on the reserve where they are taught to hunt for their food.

Below are some photos of me walking with the cubs to the edge of the reserve at the train tracks and back through the bush stopping for them to climb trees.






This is one of the major highlights of all my travels and if you ever find yourself in Zimbabwe I would highly recommend spending a morning or an afternoon with the lions, how many chances will you get in life to cuddle a lion!


Walked with the Lions: 11 January 2006


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