A Hidden Gem in Thailand

Relaxing on Ban Krut beach

Relaxing on Ban Krut beach

My first stop this year on my Southeast Asia trip was Bangkok, from there I wanted to experience Thailand’s other main attraction, its beaches!  I didn’t want to travel too far south as I needed to head back to Bangkok and onto Northern Thailand so the famous area of Phuket was out of the question, it wasn’t appealing to me anyways as I wanted somewhere which wouldn’t be full of tourists.  I was after a nice quiet spot I could lay on the beach with a book and start turning my white skin into a tan.  It was pretty noticeable walking around Bangkok I was a fresh new arrival to its shores as I stood out with my bright white Irish tan after years of living in Ireland and not seeing a lot of sunshine, all the other tourists looked healthy with their tans and I wanted to too!

My beach bungalow

My beach bungalow

After some internet study I found an area four hours by train south of Bangkok that looked perfect.  A resort with its own private beach, beach bungalows to stay in and its own restaurant, that’s all I needed beach, bungalow and food so I booked three nights and rolled into Ban Krut — it was Beautiful!!!

I was shown to my bungalow, it was perfect, a little one bedroom bungalow with an attached bathroom that had four walls and no ceiling and came with a waterfall shower.  Out the front was a little verandah and table and chairs.

Across from my bungalow was the restaurant which served a free breakfast every day of toast and fresh fruit and made to order meals for lunch and dinner of typical asian cuisine of rice or noodles complete with a bar selling beer by the pool.

But the best part was slapping on the sunscreen and laying on the white sand of the beach, most of the time I was the only one on the beach and it was great.  The sun was hot and it didn’t take long to turn red even with sunscreen on and it was time to dip in the water to cool off.  In the afternoon I would retreat to the sun beds with a cold beer and read my book with the cool ocean breeze blowing.  It was a great three day break and I returned to Bangkok a bit browner and relaxed than what I started with.

Not another person on the beach :)

Not another person on the beach 🙂

Stayed in Ban Krut: 5 – 8 May 2013



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