Hitting the Road

Solo Travel

Dusting off my backpack and heading into the unknown,
Always brings me great joy,
The anticipation when leaving the plane and walking through arrivals,
Finding the cheapest way into the city,
And a friendly smile when reaching the hostel.


A five minute chat with the hostel reception,
And a photocopied map,
I hit the streets,
Taking in the smells, the people, the sights,
I’m lost in a new city.


I love the freedom, the buzz, the enjoyment
Being out of my comfort zone,
Chatting with strangers, trying new food,
Riding a tram, people watching out the window,
Another castle, another church, another museum.


With aching feet,
And a head full of new knowledge,
I enter the hostel bar,
One drink turns into two, three, four,
Travel stories are flowing and the music is cranking.


A new day arrives,
Plans are made around the communal breakfast,
We share taxis to the out of town attraction,
Where are you from, where have you been, where are you going,
Are the standard backpacker questions.


It’s time for goodbyes,
We swap our details,
It’s onto the next destination,
A slow bus ride, through the hills and valleys
Until I reach a new friendly smile.

                                                                 Grubby Backpacker (Renae Lodo)



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