Canberra – Roundabouts and Green Grass

A visit to Canberra is not on everyone’s wish list when visiting Australia but I have to admit it’s a very beautiful place with all the green parks along Lake Burley Griffin. The roundabouts can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t know where you are going. Check them all out on the map below!

Canberra CBD

Canberra CBD

Canberra is heaven for history buffs and museum junkies. The icing on the cake is the War Memorial Museum, it has gone through a refurbishment since I last visited and its possible to spend a day or two going through all the exhibits – a must see. I visited in the afternoon where I moving ‘Lost Post’ ceremony is held each day on closing.

The Australian Museum is also great for getting up to date on a bit of Aussie culture, the Mint for seeing how our coins are made, the National Library, High Court and of course the big building at the centre of it all, Parliament House.


Poppies at the War Memorial

'Last Post' at the War Memorial

Last Post at the War Memorial


Along Anzac Parade

Along Anzac Parade

People walking along Lake Burley Griffin looking towards Parliament House

People walking along Lake Burley Griffin looking towards Parliament House

Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin


It’s a great city for walking around and seeing all the monuments particularly along Anzac Parade and a bit of time spent at Black Mountain exploring the Tower and great views over Canberra.

Sunset over Black Mountain

Sunset over Black Mountain


If you have a day or two to spare it’s worth a trip down the Freeway from Sydney.


Visited Canberra: 8 – 10 August 2014




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