Cruising Venice Beach

For as long as I can remember I have seen images on television of Venice Beach, the long palm tree lined strip of sand filled with crazy characters, muscled beach bodies and a relaxed lifestyle.

I found myself in LA on a long overdue holiday in the winter of December 2016 and made sure to find my way to the Californian coast and tick off my bucket list to visit this iconic beach.

It was quite simple from my Hollywood hotel to jump on a couple of trains which took me right into the heart of Santa Monica just a stones throw from the iconic pier.  I ventured down under the pier and came across Sea Mist Bike Rentals who happened to have lined up some cruiser bikes, I chose the red one!


Cruising Venice Beach


Off I road into the blazing sun, for the middle of winter it sure was hot not a cloud in the sky.  The bike path wound past the famous muscle beach and onwards twisting and turning along the beach past an alley way of shops selling tourist items from t-shirts and sunglasses to even being able to grab a medical marijuana licence.  Past a skating rink and another muscle beach.


Famous Muscle Beach

I rode on down to Venice Pier a pleasant 4.1 km ride from Santa Monica Pier where I stopped to recharge the batteries with a burger and beer.


Beer stop at Venice Beach


Shopping along Venice Beach

It really is a beautiful spot on a bright winter’s day.  I sure did pick my day right as the next day the heavens opened up and it rained all day!


Palm tree lined bike track


Travelled to Venice Beach: 20 December 2016




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