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Me about to walk into Albania


A long time ago I was working an Office Administration job in which I started as a trainee, it was a good job, the people were friendly and my boss was nice but having started there as a trainee I was always seen as the trainee, even after five years.  There has to be more than life to this!

I come from a small country town in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia.  You know one of those small towns people would drive through and probably think to themselves how could anyone live here!  I liked living there it had good community spirit, you could walk down to the paper shop and have a chat about life with fellow customers and the people behind the counter and you can open the door of the pub and your beer would be on the counter before you reach it!  I could walk for hours around the back streets and down to the river with my dog (Jessie RIP) and not run into another person.  Life was good, but there has to be more to life than a small town!

I’ve always loved travelling, my parents would throw me and my two brothers into the back seat of the Ford and drive for sometimes days around Australia to reach our holiday destination.  “Are we there yet, are we there yet,” we would cry, “If you say that one more time” would come the yells from the front seat “I’ll take my shoe off!”  Ah the joys, but there was more to life than just Australia!

My mum and I travelled to London and also a bus tour of Europe (you know the one’s 10 countries in 2 weeks) in September of 2001, this was going to be a test, if I liked it I was going to move there.  And guess what on 12 April 2002 I packed my bags and jetted into Heathrow!


Major Travel Achievements

  • April 2002 moved to London to live and work, travelled through the UK, Europe and Middle East
  • November 2005 spent three months travelling Europe, Africa and USA
  • February 2006 moved to Dublin to live and work, travelled around Ireland and Europe
  • March 2007 moved to Vancouver to live and work, travelled parts of Canada
  • September 2007 moved back to Dublin to live and work
  • September 2008 moved back to Vancouver to live for six months
  • March 2009 moved back to Dublin where I lived until April 2013 travelling Europe and USA
  • 30 March 2013 arrived in Belarus achieving my mission of visiting every country in Europe
  • May 2013 spent two and a half months backpacking solo through South East Asia
  • July 2013 moved back to Australia
  • Travelled to over 70 countries

Travel Map



2 responses to “My Travels

  1. Hi Harshit, that’s great you will be starting your adventures soon. When I left Australia I based myself in London for two years work was fairly easy to come by. Being based in Europe travel is very inexpensive with airlines like Ryanair and Easy Jet its possible to fly to many places in Europe for €20 sometimes cheaper I always stay in hostels. I took many short trips like long weekends and a few longer trips. In between I worked and saved as much as I could. I lived in share houses so rent wasn’t too expensive.

  2. Hi Renae.. I went through some of your blog and really liked it. I like the balance between work and travel your blog offers compared to other blogs. I would be starting my travel adventures soon and plan to work in different places in the world and travel. I’d love to get some advice on how you saved up (I’m assuming flights were the major expenses) … I’m an amateur traveler for now, but am moving towards a solo backpacker. Kudos and Great work 🙂

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